Portabella Mushrooms

Portabella Mushrooms

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The Portabella mushroom is one of the most imposing mushrooms in size. It has a rounded, earthen tan flat cap with near black gills on its underside. Its stem is thick, white and edible. The Portabella mushroom has a very memorable, rich and meaty texture and flavor, which it retains even after cooking.


Portabella mushrooms are available year-round.

Current Facts

The Portabella mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, is also known as Agaric cultivé, Champignon de Paris, and Cultivated Mushroom. It is a common mushroom that can be simply defined as a larger, earthier and mature form of the common white mushroom. Other mushrooms associated in the life span of a Portabella mushroom are button mushrooms, crimini mushrooms, baby Portobella, baby bella, mini bella, Portabellini and Brown mushroom. There is some debate on whether Portabella or Portobella is the correct spelling of this type of mushroom. In fact both versions are accepted, but the Mushroom Council decided to go with Portabella to provide some consistency across the market.

Nutritional Value

Portobella mushrooms, like all fungus varieties, are one of the only natural sources of vitamin D. The amount of vitamin D they contain depends on the amount of exposure to ultraviolet light. Some cultivators expose the mushrooms they grow to additional ultraviolet light in order to increase the amount of vitamin D in their Portobella mushrooms. Portobella mushrooms are a rich source of copper and selenium; up to 28% of an individual’s recommended dietary allowance can be obtained from Portobella mushrooms. The fully mature Agaricus bisporus is also a good source of vitamin B6 and niacin.


Portabella mushrooms are versatile because of their size. They have a "meaty" texture and can be substituted for other proteins. Use in soups and stews, baked pasta or rice dishes, as a beef substitute or in salads. Prepare whole by grilling or stuffing. Pair with fresh herbs, fresh cow's milk cheeses, tomato or cream-based sauces, leafy greens, garlic and onions. Mushroom caps should be kept dry and refrigerated until ready to use; they will keep for up to a week.

Ethnic/Cultural Info

The scientific name for these giants of the mushroom world comes from the Greek word 'agrarius' meaning 'growing in the fields'. "Agaric" was once the name given to all mushrooms with gills; this name is derived from the name of a pre-Scythian people, the Agari, who were skilled in the art of mushroom medicine.


The Portabella mushroom is of Italian origin and gets its namesake from Portobello, a town in Italy. The first documented cultivation of Agricus bisporus was made by French botanist Joseph Pitton de Tournefort in 1707. Portabellas grow stacked in specially designed rooms with controlled temperature, humidity and fresh air. They propagate with the assistance of agar, grain spawn and pasteurized substrates. Different strains and growing times allow this one singular species to achieve distinguished and different variations in color, size and flavor. Wild Portabella mushrooms thrive on manure heaps, in garden wastes and along roadsides.

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Brigantine La Mesa  La Mesa CA   619-465-1935
La Jolla Country Club  San Diego CA   858-454-9601
Veg Appeal  San Diego CA   619-940-7648
Mimmos Italian Village  San Diego CA   619-239-3710
Brothers' Provisions  San Diego CA   855-850-2767
Miguel's Old Town  San Diego CA   619-298-9840
Luce  San Diego CA   619-275-2094
Voltaire Beach House  San Diego CA   619-574-6878
Root Cellar Catering Co.  San Diego CA   760-846-2092
Knotty Barrel  San Diego CA   619-269-7156
Nutmeg Café & Bakery  San Diego CA   858-405-2401
Lafayette Hotel  San Diego CA   619-296-2101
Jake's Del Mar  Del Mar CA   858-755-2002
Sorority Cuisine - Achio  San Diego CA   310-402-6195
Barbarella  San Diego CA   858-454-7373
Belmont Park Entertainment  San Diego CA   858-228-9283
Shore Rider  La Jolla CA   858-412-5308
Covo La Jolla  La Jolla CA   858-246-6721
Iron Pig Alehouse  San Diego CA   619-885-3718
Stone Brewing-Liberty Station Banquets  San Diego CA   619-269-2100
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Encontro North Park  San Diego CA   619-291-1220
Marriott Courtyard  San Diego CA   619-446-3008
Hotel Republic San Diego  San Diego CA   619-398-3100
Searcher  San Diego CA   619-226-2403
Sublime North Park  San Diego CA   760-931-9133
US Grant Hotel Main  San Diego CA   619-232-3121
Jalisco Cantina  Oceanside CA   760-429-1679
Brigantine Corp  San Diego CA   858 926 9644
Barrel Republic Carlsbad  Carlsbad CA   619-204-5945
Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe  Rancho Santa Fe CA   858-759-6063
Toronado San Diego  San Diego CA   619-282-0456
Marriott Coronado  Coronado CA   619-435-3000 x6335
Georges at the Cove  San Diego CA   858-454-4244
Donovan's La Jolla  La Jolla CA   858-450-6666
Hapi Fish Restaurant  Encinitas CA   760-452-7245
Dr Bronner's Magic Soaps  Vista CA   760-743-2211
The Pearl Hotel  San Diego CA   877-732-7573
Miguel's Cocina Carlsbad  Carlsbad CA   760-759-1843
Pacific Cafe & Catering  San Diego CA   858-350-2700
Chateau La Jolla  San Diego CA   858-459-4451
Come On In Paseo  San Diego CA   858-523-0221
Bali Hai Restaurant  San Diego CA   619-222-1181
Marriott Del Mar  San Diego CA   858-369-6029
Crust Pizzeria Solana Beach  Solana Beach CA   858-356-9925
Bahia Resort Hotel / Catamaran Hotel  San Diego CA   858-488-0551
Claire's on Cedros  Solana Beach CA   858-259-8597
Tom Hams Light House  San Diego CA   619-291-9110
Crust Pizzeria-Carmel  San Diego CA   858-350-3400
Golden Door  San Marcos CA   760-761-4142
KI's  Encinitas CA   760-436-5236
Turf Supper Club  San Diego CA   619-234-6363
Solace & the Moonlight Lounge  Encinitas CA   760-753-2433
St. Pauls Plaza  Chula Vista CA   619-239-6900
Eclipse Chocolate  San Diego CA   619-578-2984
The Wine Pub  San Diego CA   619-758-9325
Marriott Marquis North Tower  San Diego CA   619-234-1500
The Compass  Carlsbad CA   760-434-1900
Maderas Golf Club  Poway CA   858-451-8100
Miho Gastrotruck  San Diego CA   619-867-4295
Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa  Carlsbad CA   760-827-2400
Shorehouse Kitchen  La Jolla CA   858-459-3300
UCSD Food & Nutrition Department Hillcrest  San Diego CA   619-543-2764
Craft Burger  Carlsbad CA   760-453-7974
The Lion Share  San Diego CA   619-564-6924
The Land & Water Company  Carlsbad CA   760-729-5263
Cesar RSF  Rancho Santa Fe CA   858-771-1313
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Come On In Torrey Pine  La Jolla CA   858-551-1063
Bahia Resort Hotel  San Diego CA   858-488-0551
Donovan's Downtown  San Diego CA   619-237-9700
Tribute Pizza  San Diego CA   858-220-0030
Coin-Op Game Room (Downtown)  San Diego CA   619-255-8864
Rustic Root  San Diego CA   619-232-1747
Mesa College  San Diego CA   619-388-2240
UCSD Food & Nutrition Department La Jolla  San Diego CA   858-657-6473
Salvatore's  San Diego CA   619-544-1865
Waters Catering  San Diego CA   619-276-8803 x4
Truluck's Seafood Steak and Crab House  San Diego CA   858-453-2583
Firefly Beach  San Diego CA   619-222-6440
Quality Coast Inc  San Diego CA   619-443-9192
Civico 1845  San Diego CA   619-300-4810
Pendry SD (Provisional)  San Diego CA   619-738-7000
Great Maple  San Diego CA   619-255-2282
Bread & Cie Café  San Diego CA   619-295-3172
Lodge at Torrey Pines Main  San Diego CA   858-453-4420
Cape Rey Carlsbad, a Hilton Resort  Carlsbad CA   760-602-0800
Convivial Catering  San Diego CA   760-828-8762
Cardiff Seaside Market  Cardiff CA   760-753-5445
To The Point  San Diego CA   619-226-6222
Sheraton Carlsbad (Banquets)  Carlsbad CA   760-827-2400
Pacifica Del Mar  Del Mar CA   858-792-0505
Peohes  Coronado CA   619-437-4474
Capri Blu  San Diego CA   858-673-5100
Cal A Vie  Vista CA   760-945-2055
Toast Catering  san diego CA   858-208-9422
Surf Side Cuisine  San Diego CA   619-507-0891
Brigantine Escondido  Escondido CA   760-743-4718
Extraordinary Desserts Union St.  San Diego CA   619-294-7001
Larry's Deli  San Diego CA   619-795-7100
Harvest by The Patio  San Diego CA   619-550-1262
Glenbrook Health Center  Carlsbad CA   760-704-1000
Viejas Casino Grove Steakhouse  Alpine CA   800-295-3172
Wholesome Kitchen  San Diego CA   858-634-9573
Ballast Point Restaurant - Miramar  San Diego CA   858-790-6900
Plan 9 Alehouse  Escondido CA   760-489-8817
Miguel Angel Mendoza  Maestros Ensenada,   646-127-0277
Lucky Bolt  Mira Mesa CA   917-969-9500
Hornblower Cruises  San Diego CA   619-686-8733
Lauberge Del MarLauberge  Del Mar CA   858-259-1515
Ki's Kitchen Commissary  Carlsbad CA   760-438-8606
Pacific Cafe & Catering (Medical Cntr Dr.)  La Jolla CA   858-699-4129
Urge Gastropub and Whiskey Bank - Oceanside  Oceanside CA   858-395-8809
Barrel Republic Oceanside  Oceanside CA   760-435-0042
Cliffhanger Cafe Menu  San Diego CA   858-452-9858
The Crossings  Carlsbad CA   760-444-1800
Town & Country Cold Prep  San Diego CA   619-291-7131
Spoutable  San Diego CA   619-743-7491
Born & Raised  San Diego CA   619-550-5412
Beaumont's  San Diego CA   858-459-0474
Brigantine Poway  Poway CA   858-486-3066
Milton's Delicatessen, Grill & Bakery  Del Mar CA   858-792-2225
The Cork and Craft  San Diego CA   858-618-2463
Village Pizzeria Bay Side  Coronado CA   619-522-6890
Miguel's 4S Ranch  San Diego CA   858-924-9200
The Corner Drafthouse  San Diego CA   619-255-2631
The Farm Golf Club  Rancho Santa Fe CA   858-756-5585
Art Institute of San Diego  San Diego CA   858-598-1200
PFC Fitness Camp  Carlsbad CA   888-488-8936
Eco Caters - Fifth Ave  San Diego CA   619-997-8792
The Healing Kitchen  San Diego CA   619-807-9911
Crust Pizzeria-Carlsbad  Carlsbad CA   760-944-1111
BeerFish  San Diego CA   619-363-2337
Urban Solace  San Diego CA   619-295-6464
Farmers Bottega  San Diego CA   619-458-9929
The Wild Thyme Company  San Diego CA   858-527-0226
Pascucci Pasta  San Diego CA   619-285-8000
Handlery Hotel & Resort  San Diego CA   619-298-0511
Brockton Villa Restaurant  San Diego CA   858-454-7393
Ballast Point Restaurant - Little Italy  San Diego CA   619-298-2337
Chateau Lake San Marcos  San Marcos CA   760-471-0083
Mr A's  San Diego CA   619-239-1377
Hilton Garden Inn  San Diego CA   858-720-9500
Madison  San Diego CA   619-822-3465
Campfire  Carlsbad CA   858-231-0862
Sorority Cuisine - SAE  San Diego CA   310-402-6195
Coast Catering  Escondido CA   619-295-3173
San Diego Culinary Institute Inc.  La Mesa CA   619-644-2100
Pacific Regent La Jolla  San Diego CA   858-597-8008
San Diego Yacht Club  San Diego CA   619-758-6334
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Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District  El Cajon CA   619-644-7585
Terra Restaurant  San Diego CA   619-293-7088
La Costa Glen North  Carlsbad CA   760-704-1436
Mille Fleurs  Rancho Santa Fe CA   858-756-3085
Aztec Shop Catering  San Diego CA   619 594-3576
Ballast Point Brewing - Temecula  Temecula CA   619-295-3173
Green Dragon Tavern & Museum  Carlsbad CA   760-797-5579
Rancho Valencia  Del Mar CA   858-756-1123
Nate's Garden Grill  San Diego CA   619-607-0117
Viejas Casino Pool & Spa  Alpine CA   702-401-0455
Vi At La Jolla Village  San Diego CA   858-646-7700
Del Mar Country Club  Rancho Santa Fe CA   858-759-5500 x207
Baci  San Diego CA   619-275-2094
Word of Mouth Kitchen  San Diego CA   858-705-3752
Red Tail Catering  San Marcos CA   858-605-8219
Monello  San Diego CA   619-501-0030
Saiko Sushi-Coronado  Coronado CA   619-435-0868
California Center for the Arts  Escondido CA   760-839-4107
The Good Seed Food Company  San Diego CA   818-800-6935
Saint Mark Golf and Resort, LLC  San Marcos CA   858-273-8440
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Delta Zeta  San Diego CA   619-295-3172
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Sbicca  Del Mar CA   858-481-1001
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Fishmonger's Market  San Diego CA   619-646-5238
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Marriott Gaslamp  San Diego CA   619-696-0234 x6051
Miguel's Cocina Coronado  Coronado CA   619-437-4237
Primavera Ristorante  Coronado CA   619-435-0454
The Promiscuous Fork-Ingraham  San Diego CA   858-776-3246
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Miguel's Cocina Pt Loma  San Diego CA   619-224-2401
Volcano Rabbit  San Diego CA   619-232-8226
Dolce at the Highlands 2018  San Diego CA   858-847-2740
The Miller's Table  Oceanside CA   310-694-4091
Miguel's Eastlake  Chula Vista CA   619-656-2822
The Promiscuous Fork-La Jolla Blvd  La Jolla CA   858-776-3246
Culinary Concepts  San Diego CA   858-530-1885
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Trattoria I Trulli  Encinitas CA   760-943-6800
Inn at Rancho Santa Fe  Rancho Santa Fe CA   858-381-8289
Spunky Makings  Chula Vista CA   619-318-6737
Mothers Ocean Beach  San Diego CA   619-221-8100
Catamaran  San Diego CA   858-488-1081

Recipe Ideas
Recipes that include Portabella Mushrooms. One is easiest, three is harder.
Delish Knowledge Portobello Cheesesteak Sandwiches
Amuse Your Bouche Creamy Portabello, Kale and Quinoa Bake
Skinny Mom Portobella Pizza Caps
Yes, I Want Cake Portabello Pesto Panini
Tortillas and Honey Portabello Breakfast Cups
Erica's Recipes Broccoli Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms with Dijon Chedder Sauce
The Garden Grazer Sautéed Portobello with Spinach
Minimalist Baker Poblano and Portabello Fajitas
Little Spice Jar Shrimp Stuffed Portobella Mushrooms
Bev Cooks Potabello and Kale Stroganoff
the other 22...
A Cozy Kitchen Portobello Fries
Italian Food Forever Caprese Mushroom Melts
Keepin' it Kind Smokey Roasted Portabello Sushi Rolls
Vegan Yumminess Spinach and Avocado Stuffed Portabellos
Utterly Ruins Garlicky Portobello Mushroom Sandwich
Oh My Veggies Cabernet Portabella Burgers
Vegan Richa Vegan Portabella Mushrooms with Herbs Chickpeas
Seasoned to Taste Mushroom Bourguignon
Veganosity Portobello Mushroom Bacon
The Wicked Noodle Garlic Portabello Mushrooms with Pecorino Romano
Life As a Stawberry Portabello Mushroom Pizzas
Taste, Love and Nourish Vegetable Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms
The Kitchen Whisperer Chunky Portabella Veggie Burgers
Real Housemoms Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Mushrooms
Slice of Kitchen Life Creamy Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms
Tasty Eats At Home Portabello Mushroom Egg Pizza
Skinnytaste Grilled Portabello Mushroom Burger
Artful Desperado Chipotle Pulled Portabello Mushroom Sandwich with Feta Cheese Cilantro Topping
Pink Parsley Lasagna-Stuffed Portabellos
Proud Italian Cook Caprese Style Portobellos
Green Kitchen Stories Porttobello Peach Burger
Rachel Cooks Grilled Portobella Mushrooms with Spinach and Cheese

Recently Spotted
People have spotted Portabella Mushrooms using the Specialty Produce app for iPhone and Android.

Produce Spotting allows you to share your produce discoveries with your neighbors and the world! Is your market carrying green dragon apples? Is a chef doing things with shaved fennel that are out of this world? Pinpoint your location annonymously through the Specialty Produce App and let others know about unique flavors that are around them.

lazy acres natural market Near Lemon Grove, California, United States
About 202 days ago, 10/03/17
Spotter's comments : Portabella Mushrooms spotted at lazy acres natural market.

First Alternative Natural Foods Co-Op Near Corvallis, Oregon, United States
About 203 days ago, 10/02/17
Spotter's comments : Portabella Mushrooms spotted at First Alternative Natural Foods Co-Op.

First Alternative Natural Foods Co-Op Near Corvallis, Oregon, United States
About 203 days ago, 10/02/17
Spotter's comments : Portabella Mushrooms spotted at First Alternative Natural Foods Co-Op.

Whole Foods Market   
Whole Foods Market - Lynnwood
2800 196th St SW, Lynnwood 98036
Near Seattle, Washington, United States
About 317 days ago, 6/10/17
Spotter's comments : Portabella Mushrooms spotted at Whole Foods Market. Organic Portabella Mushrooms are perfect in soups or grilled at your bbq ;)

Walmart on Marsh and Frankford in Dallas, TX Near Addison, Texas, United States
About 535 days ago, 11/04/16

Liberty Public Market Near Coronado, California, United States
About 701 days ago, 5/22/16
Spotter's comments : Portabella Mushrooms spotted at Liberty Public Market.

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    Cherry of the Rio Grande

    Chokeberry Black


    Cinnamon Tree



    Cranberry Highbush

    Currant Black

    Currant Red

    Currant White



    Elderberry White


    Ground Cherry

    Huckle Black

    Huckle Red

    Indian Hawthorn







    Lilly Pilly






    Nanking Cherries





    Sea Buckthorn







Bitter Melon


  Bitter Melon



Bok Choy


  Bok Choy


  Red Baby



Brussels Sprouts






    Choy Baby

    Choy Red

    Choy Shanghai

  Other Varieties

    Choi Sum

    Choi Sum Baby White

    Choi Sum Purple


    Conehead Red

    Fun Jen


    Green Baby


    Italian Black


    Napa Red

    Napa Sprouting



    Red Baby


    Savoy Red Deadon


    Taiwan Bok Choy

    Taiwanese Flat

    Toyko Bekana

    Yu Choy







    Bunch White

    Bunch Yellow

    Mix Bunch

  Other Varieties


    Black Knight

    Bunch Baby Red (Maroon)


    Chantenay Purple

    Kintoki Ninjin























  Other Varieties







Chard Swiss


  Baby Green

  Baby Rainbow

  Baby Red

















    Bel Fiore




  Other Varieties






    Sugar Loaf




  Buddhas Hand













  Dry Baby





  With Husk


  Young Green




  Bi Color


  Glass Gem

  Green Dent


  Popcorn On The Cob



  Ruby Red





Dragon Fruit









  Other Varieties


    Apple Green









    Graffiti Yellow


    Green Doll


    Heirloom Mix



    Jade Sweet









    Thai White






    Yellow Baby







  Guinea Hen















    Chive Blossoms

    Chive Spears




    Flower Blend






    Sun Daisy

    White Mum

  Other Varieties

    Almond Blossoms

    Apple Blossoms

    Apricot Blossoms

    Arugula Blossoms


    Bachelor's Buttons


    Bok Choy


    Borage White


    Buzz Button™



    Chive Blossoms

    Choi Sum






    Dill Blossoms

    Dragon Fruit Buds

    El Aleli


    Fennel Blossom


    Geranium Rose



    Green Mizuna

    Guava Pineapple Blossoms


    Lavender Wands


    Maple Blossoms


    Mint Blossoms


    Nasturtium Canary

    Nasturtium Pods


    Onion Wild

    Orange Blossoms


    Orchids Grafitti





    Pea Tendril Blossoms

    Peach Blossoms

    Pear Blossoms

    Pink Peppercorns

    Plum Blossoms


    Radish Daikon Blossoms


    Rose Petals


    Rosemary Blossoms



    Scallion Blossoms

    Scarlet Runner Bean





    Sticky Monkey


    Thyme Flowering



    Woolly Blue Curls


    Yu Choy

    Yucca Blossoms






    Black Nightshade


    Cinnamon Tree


    Indian Hawthorn







    Agave Buds


    Cholla Buds

    Golden Torch

    Organ Pipe

    Peruvian Apple

    Prickly Pear Red


    Yucca Buds






    Maple Blossoms

    Onion Wild

    Pink Peppercorn

    Sticky Monkey

    Woolly Blue Curls






    Sage Black

    Sage White

    White Horehound



    Ginger Tropical

    Ginger Wild


    Stinging Nettle

    Wild Arugula


  Other Varieties


    Bark Madrone

    Broadleaf Plantain


    Carrot Wild


    Celery Wild


    Dates Senegal Palm

    Desert Apricots


    Fennel Seeds



    Ice Plant

    Iodine Bush

    Japanese Knotweed

    Kaffir Plum

    Leaves Bay California

    Leaves Strawberry

    Lettuce Miners Red

    Lettuce Wild



    Mush Morels

    Mustard Wild

    Natal Plums

    Nuts Jojoba

    Oats Wild


    Peas Wild



    Peppercorns Pink

    Peppercorns Sichuan

    Pine Needles

    Pine Nuts

    Pine Pollen Cones

    Pineapple Weed

    Radish Wild

    Rhubarb Wild

    Ribgrass Plantain

    Romerito (Seepweed)

    Sea Beans


    Spruce Tips


    Strawberry Tree

    Walking Tree Onions

    Walnuts Black

    Watercress Wild

    Wood Sorrel

    Yam Wild




















    Red Frill

    Shen Li Hon



  Other Varieties


    Amaranth Green

    Amaranth Red


    Collard Sprouting


    Dandelion Red

    Magenta Spreen

    Marsh Mallow


    Minutina Flowering

    Mizuna Red Rain




    Tatsoi Red








    Dragon's Tongue








    African Blue


    Blue Spice










    Purple Ruffles

    Red Lettuce







    Garlic Buds







    Berries and Cream

    Black Peruvian



























  Other Varieties


    Anise Hyssop







    Cilantro Roots

    Coriander Vietnamese


    Dill Baby

    Dill Weed



    Geranium Leaves


    Hoja Santa




    Lavender Spanish

    Lemon Balm

    Lemon Grass

    Lemon Verbena






    Ngo Gai


    Parsley Italian

    Parsley Reg



    Rau Ram

    Rice Paddy (Ngo Om)


    Rosemary Skewers


    Salad Burnet


    Seep Weed

    Shiso Magilla

    Sorrel French

    Sorrel Garden

    Sorrel Red



    Tarragon Russian

    Tarragon Texas


    Thyme Flowering

    Thyme Lemon

    Water Dropwort

    White Hornhound







  Ant Admire


  G1 1183

  GA 866












  Baby Red









  Ramp Cloves


  Wild Ramps










  Ataulfo Baby

  Bailey's Marvel


  Brahm Kai Meu

  Choc Anon



















  Tommy Atkins


  Valencia Pride






    Ali Baba


    Black Lady





    Moon and Stars



    Ruby Bliss™ - Dulcinea



    White Wonder


  Other Varieties






    Black Seeded (Kurodane)

    Boule D' Or












    French Baby

    French Kiss


    Gaya Ivory



    Honey Blonde

    Honey Kiss


    Honeydew Golden

    Honeydew Orange-Fleshed




    Keli Kheli


    Lemon Drop



    Malaysian Rock


    Minnesota Midget



    Muskmelon Yellow





    Petit Gris de Rennes

    Prescott Fond Blanc

    Rich Sweetness

    Rocky Sweet


    Santa Claus


    Sugar Cube

    Sugar Kiss

    Summer Kiss

    Sun Jewel




    Tuscan Style™


    Wax Tip Melon


Micro Greens






    Mix Basil

    Mix Citrus

    Mix Season's

    Mustard Frill Red

    Sea Grass


  Other Varieties

    Amaranth Red


    Basil Italian

    Basil Lemon

    Beet Bulls Blood





    Popcorn Shoots

    Radish Ruby

    Shiso Red

    Sorrel Purple Butterfly







  Honey Kist




  Red Diamond









  Hill Country Red












  Other Varieties


    Bianca de Maggio


    Boiling Red

    Boiling Yellow


    Calcot Red


    Cipollini Italian

    Cipollini Italian Red


    Honey Sweet

    Italian Bunching




    Red Tip Scallion

    Red Young

    Rosa Milano

    Shallots Thai


    Sweet Cal 1015

    Sweet Kula

    Sweet Texas 1015

    Tokyo Negi




    Walking Tree

    Walla Walla

    Walla Walla Young











    Vaniglia Sanguigno

  Other Varieties



    Beni Koari



    Cara Cara




    Japanese Bitter



    Mikan Japanese

    Miyagawa Mandarin



    Navel Fukumoto

    Navel Newhall





    Sour Dominican Republic

    Sumo Citrus®









  Panama Red







  Blood White




  June Pride

  Last Chance



  Red Top









    Cho Juro





  Other Varieties


    20th Century

    Abate Fetel



    Anjou Red



    Bartlett Red

    Bella Lucrative

    Belle De Bruxelle

    Belle Ole Bruxelles

    Black Worcester


    Buerre Brown

    Cactus Green

    Cactus Red

    Cactus Yellow



    Clapp's Favorite


    Comice Red




    Dino Egg

    Duchesse d'Angouleme

    Dutch Holland

    Fan Stil

    Fin de Siecle




    French Butter


    General Leclerc

    Glou Morceau


    Honey Bellle


    Kel Ways King




    Nouveau Poiteau



    Red Beurre Hardy

    Red Crimson




    Taylor's Gold




    Winter Nellis



Pepper Chile






























  Other Varieties


    Anaheim Green

    Anaheim Red

    Antohi Romanian

    Arbol Red


    Beaver Dam

    Black Cobra


    Bulgarian Carrot

    Bull Nose



    Cachucha Red


    Carolina Reaper


    Cherry Red


    Chinese Five Color

    Cubanelle Italian Green

    Cubanelle Italian Red


    De Agua

    Demon Green

    Demon Red

    Docellto Sweet

    Elephant Ear


    Ethiopian Brown



    Fresno Orange

    Fresno Red



    Ghost Chocolate

    Ghost Green

    Ghost Red



    Hatch New Mexico Green


    Highlander Hot


    Hungarian Hot

    Italian Frying

    Italian Long Sweet

    Italian Long Sweet Red

    Jamaican Yellow Mushroom

    Jimmy Nardello

    Korean Hot

    Kung Pao


    Lantern Hot







    Paprika Alma

    Paprika Leutschauer

    Paprika Pimentos

    Pasilla Green

    Pasilla Red



    Piment d' Anglet



    Portugal Hot

    Raja Mirchi


    Roaster Red


    Romano Red

    Scorpion Red

    Scorpion Yellow

    Scotch Bonnets

    Scotch Bonnets Red

    Serrano Green

    Serrano Red

    Shishito Green

    Shishito Red


    Sigaretta Dolce

    Siling Labuyo

    Sugar Rush Peach

    Sweet Tooth Orange

    Sweet Tooth Red


    Thai Green

    Thai Orange

    Thai Red

    Toro de Oro

    Urfa Biber

    Witch Stick


    Yum Yum

Pepper Dried





























    Mix Peewee


    Red Thumb

    Rub Cre

    Rus Ban









    Japanese Purple



    Stokes Purple®








    Ubi Badak

  Other Varieties



    All Blue


    Anno Imo

    Austrian Cresent

    Blushing Violet

    Bodega Red


    Colorado Red

    Cranberry Red




    German Butterball


    Island Sunshine


    King Edwards


    Kita Akari

    Kufri Pukhraj

    La Ratte

    Magic Molly

    Maris Piper


    May Queen


    Midnight Moon

    Mukago Tiny

    Oca Cherry Red

    Oca Rose Pink

    Oca Sunrise




    Prairie Blush



    Red Rebel


    Shetland Black

    Sierra Gold

    Swet Naruto Kintoki


    White Rose

    Yukon Gold








    Beni Shigure



  Other Varieties




    Black Japanese

    Candela de Fuoco


    Easter Egg


    French Breakfast

    German Beer

    Green Meat



    Japanese Red Cherry

    Korean Lo Buc

    Mardi Gras

    Ninja Purple


    Plum Purple













  Olive Leaf








  Cricket Ball


  White Lamertz








    Crookneck Yellow

    Gold Bar

    Patty Pan Green

    Patty Pan Yellow

    Summer Mix

    Yellow w/ Flower


    Zucchini Green

    Zucchini Green

    Zucchini w/ Flower

  Other Varieties

    Acorn Gold

    Acorn Green

    Acorn White


    Buttercup Green

    Buttercup Orange


    Butternut Violina Di Rugosa


    Candy Roaster



    Chayote Prickly

    Chayote White




    Crookneck Yellow





    Eight Ball

    Eight Ball White

    Eight Ball Yellow


    Flying Saucer

    Galeux d' Eysines

    Gold Bar

    Golden Nugget




    Kabocha Orange


    Long Island Cheese

    Lunga Di Napoli

    Macho Blossoms

    Marina di Chiogga




    Porcelain Doll



    Red Kuri

    Red Warty Thing

    Romanesco Costata

    Ronde De Nice






    Tonda American

    Tonda de Pandana



    Yellow Straight

    Zapallo del Tronco

    Zucchini Chinese

    Zucchini Goldmine

    Zucchini Green

    Zuchini w/Flower

Sugar Cane


  Sugar Cane





  Lavender Gem







  Ananas Bleue


  Chef's Choice Orange


  Chry Abracazebra

  Chry Black

  Chry Cherry Bomb

  Chry Cherry Punch

  Chry Chocolate Sprinkles

  Chry Grape Atomic

  Chry Grape Red

  Chry Grape Yellow

  Chry Green

  Chry Green Doctors

  Chry Green Grape

  Chry Indigo Blue Berries

  Chry Indigo Blue Chocolate

  Chry Indigo Cream Berries

  Chry Indigo Rose

  Chry Italian Ice

  Chry Mint Julep

  Chry Orange

  Chry Pink Tiger

  Chry Punch

  Chry Snow White

  Chry Sugary

  Chry Sungreen

  Chry Sunrise Bumblebee

  Chry Swt 100s Red

  Chry Teardrop Red

  Chry Teardrop Yellow

  Chry Tomatoberry

  Chry Uptown Funk

  Chry Wapsipinicon Peach

  Chry Yellow

  Currant Red

  Currant Yellow


  Early Girl

  El Dorado


  Green Giant

  Heirlm Ananas Noire

  Heirlm Assorted

  Heirlm Big Rainbow

  Heirlm Black Icicle

  Heirlm Black Krim

  Heirlm Black Plum

  Heirlm Black Sea Man

  Heirlm Bosque Bumblebee

  Heirlm Brandywine

  Heirlm Brandywine Pink

  Heirlm Brandywine Yellow

  Heirlm Ceour de Boeuf Red

  Heirlm Cherokee Purple

  Heirlm Costoluto Genovese

  Heirlm Cow Heart

  Heirlm Cream Sausage

  Heirlm Dr. Wyche's Yellow

  Heirlm Gold Nugget

  Heirlm Great White

  Heirlm Gurney Girl II

  Heirlm Hillbilly

  Heirlm Indigo Blue Beauty

  Heirlm Italian Heirloom

  Heirlm Jaune Flamme

  Heirlm Kumato

  Heirlm Marmande

  Heirlm Marriage Cherokee Carbon

  Heirlm Marriage Genuwine

  Heirlm Marvel Stripe

  Heirlm Mushroom Basket

  Heirlm Nonna's Prize

  Heirlm Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge

  Heirlm Paul Robeson

  Heirlm Peach Red

  Heirlm Persimmon

  Heirlm Pineapple

  Heirlm Pineapple Pig

  Heirlm Pink Caspian

  Heirlm Pork Chop

  Heirlm Principe Borghese

  Heirlm Red Lightning

  Heirlm Red Pear Piriform

  Heirlm Rosso Bruno

  Heirlm Rosso Sicilian

  Heirlm Siberian

  Heirlm Solar Flair

  Heirlm Striped Cavern

  Heirlm Sweet Tangerine

  Heirlm Vintage Wine

  Heirlm Violet Jasper

  Heirlm White Wonder

  Heirlm Yellow Fire

  Hippy Zebra

  Japanese Momotaro

  Jersey Boy


  On The Vine Cherry

  On The Vine Orange

  On The Vine Red

  On The Vine Yellow

  Palla Di Fuoco

  Pink Berkeley Tie Dye



  Roma San Marzano

  Roma Yellow

  Sunset Falls Plum

  Vintage Wine

  Yellow Large

  Zebra Black

  Zebra Green

  Zebra Red

  Zebra Yellow






    Australian Winter


    Italian Summer

    Italian Winter

  Other Varieties


    Oregon Black

    Oregon White


    White Italian Winter




  Baby Bunch

  Baby Gold

  Baby Pink



  Hinona Kabu






Fruits Specialty



  Akebi Fruit Purple

  Akebi Fruit White









  Banana Stem


  Bedda Nut


  Betel Nut

  Bilimbi Fruit

  Bilva Fruit

  Blue Crown Fruit

  Brandy Bush


  Bullock's Heart



  Bush Cherry

  Cacao Pods

  Cane Fruit


  Carob Bean




  Cerignola Olives

  Che Fruit


  Cherimoya Selma

  Cherry of the Rio Grand



  Cola Nut


  Egg Fruit


  Gac Fruit

  Goumi Fruit



  Hawaiian Mountain Apple

  Ice Cream Beans


  Jack Fruit



  Jelly Palm Fruit



  Kangaroo Apple


  Kei Apple

  Kraton Fruit

  Kulobot Papeda


  Lemonade Fruit







  Lychees Chinese

  Madras Thorn

  Mamey Apple

  Mamey Sapote

  Mamoncillo (Spanish Lime)

  Mandarin Kinkoji






  Monk Fruit





  Noni Fruit


  Palm Fruit

  Papeda Ichang



  Peanut Butter Fruit



  Pepinos Purple



  Red Palm Fruit

  Rose Apples





  Shea Fruit

  Snake Fruit


  Spanish Limes

  Star Apple

  Star Fruit Taiwanese

  Star Fruit White

  Stinking Toe Fruit

  Sugar Apple

  Sugar Apple Purple


  Tamarillo Gold

  Tamarillo Red



  Tiger Nuts

  Ugli™ Fruit


  Wampee Pink

  Water Caltrop

  Wood Apple

  Wood Peach


Other Vegetables




  Autumn Olives

  Ayame Yuki

  Bac Ha

  Bamboo Shoots Fresh

  Bamboo Takenoko


  Bark Oak

  Bicolor Sorghum

  Bitter Eggplant (Likok)

  Bottle Gourd

  Broccolini (Aspirations)


  Butterbur Sprout

  Caigua (Achocha)




  Chard Argentata

  Chi Gu






  Ferns Fiddlehead

  Ferns Hawaiian Pohole

  Fig Leaves

  Gai Choy

  Gai Lan

  Ghost Plant

  Gourd Sponge



  Guaje Red


  Hearts of Palm

  Hearts of Palm Hawaiian - Puna Gardens


  Ice Plant Cystalline

  Indian Eggplant

  Indian Shallot






  Kufri Pukhraj Potatoes

  Lemon Cucumber

  Lily Pad Flower






  Mixian (Chinese Amarith)




  Moringa Pods




  Nopales Cactus Leaf

  Okahijiki Land Seaweed

  Olives Chinese

  Olives Green Fresh

  Ooba Green

  Ooba Red

  Palm Peach

  Parvar (Pointed Gourd)

  Pea Tendrils Lamborn

  Pea Vines

  Peanuts Fresh



  Raisin Tree Japanese


  Rice Shoots Wild




  Sea Beans

  Seeds Ajowan

  Shallot Shoots


  Snake Gourd



  Taro Stems

  Teasel Gourd




  Tomatillos Milpero

  Tomatillos Purple

  Tonka Bean





  Water Dropwort

  Yama Udo